Popular YouTuber “Chim Chak Man” Explains How NewJeans’s Appearance Took Place Amid Criticism

The YouTuber revealed what led to the group’s appearance.

Popular YouTuber Chim Chak Man (also known as webtoon author Lee Mal Nyeon) revealed how he was able to get NewJeans to appear on his livestream.

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Previously, rising K-Pop group NewJeans appeared on the YouTuber’s livestream. Although there were many fans who were happy to see the group, there were some who believed that it was “beneath” the group to appear on a livestream instead of traditional television programs.

Due to this, the YouTuber was hit with criticism from some of NewJeans’s fans.

NewJeans on Chim Chak Man’s livestream | @침착맨 원본 박물관/YouTube

On January 4, the YouTuber conducted a livestream on his channel, where he attempted to address the criticism.

I will explain what led to NewJeans’s appearance on the livestrem since so many people expressed skepticism surrounding their appearance. Many people stated that NewJeans could have appeared on more established programs and wondered why they would make my show their first appearance after releasing their new track “OMG.”

— Chim Chak Man

The YouTuber would then explain that several years ago, he became close with director Shin Woo Suk, who directed the music video for OMG. The YouTuber explained that the director had asked the YouTuber if he would make a cameo appearance in the music video, to which the YouTuber obliged.

I met the members and filmed (my cameo). Usually, I film cameos for free, but CEO Min Hee Jin took director Shin Woo Suk and me out to eat and even invited us to check out HYBE’s practice studio. CEO Min took us out to eat Chinese food. During the meal, the topic of NewJeans coming onto my show came up. CEO Min Hee Jin stated that it might be fun if the group made an appearance since I have a daughter, and it could be like an uncle hanging out with his nieces. The CEO stated the group didn’t mind appearing on livestreams, so we set the date.

— Chim Chak Man

Chim Chak Man is a popular Korean YouTuber who is also well-known as one of Korea’s most recognizable webtoon authors. The YouTuber, also known as Lee Mal Nyeon, can often be seen making appearances on television programs and is well-regarded for his candidness and honesty.

NewJeans recently released their music video for tne group’s new single “OMG.” Check the song out in the link below.

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