Popular YouTuber Reveals She Was A Victim Of Repeated Sexual Assault

She was a victim of sexual assault.

Yang Ye Won, a popular YouTube personality and half of the “Beagle Couple” with nearly 200,000 subscribers, described her horrific story of how she was repeated sexually assaulted in her past.


Her video, titled “I am a victim of sexual crime. Please listen to my story” has amassed over 2 million views in under 24 hours.


She began her story by revealing her nude photos were leaked onto the internet, and revealed how those photos came into existence in the first place.

“3 years ago, when i was in my early 20’s, I was a student who was dreaming and studying to become an actress. One day through a job site, I found a part time job listing that gave me the chance to become a fitting model.” — Yang Ye Won


After completing the interview for the job, she signed a contract for 5 photoshoots. She was told by the fitting model director that there would be multiple different concepts, including a sexy concept. The director also told her he would help connect her with directors and PD’s.

“It’s a normal concept photoshoot. There are multiple different concepts but sometimes there will also be a sexy concept. If you want to act, you’ll need a thousand different faces (multiple different sides of yourself). Celebrities also have photoshoots with multiples concepts. Since you want to act, we will even shoot your profile picture for free, which is normally expensive. If you do well, I’ll also introduce you to the many PD’s and directors that I know.” — Fitting Model Director


When Yang Ye Won arrived at the studio for her first photoshoot however, she discovered it was an entirely nude shoot. Out of the 20 staff members, none of them were female, and many of them had cameras. The doors to the studio were all locked.

“The director told me to change into underwear, but it wasn’t just any underwear. It was one you would see in a pornographic film. It was underwear where you could see all of my private areas. I told the director I didn’t want to do this, but he threatened me, saying ‘All these people there [with the cameras] paid to come see you and if you don’t do this, they will sue you. I’ll talk with all of the PD’s and directors that I know and I won’t let you debut as an actress.'”  — Yang Ye Won


She was forced to continue on with the photoshoot as she was young and didn’t know how to react. The men touched her breasts and vagina, and also suggested that they pose with her while she was naked.

“If I didn’t do what they said, I could have been raped. I could have been killed. My only thoughts were to get out of the situation alive.

I laughed when they told me to laugh, I made finger hearts when they told me to, I spread my legs when they told me to and stuck out my tongue when they said to. I touched my breasts when they told me to and pulled down my panties to reveal my vagina when they told me to.” — Yang Ye Won


When she tried to refuse the men’s advances, the director simply told her that she already signed the contract, the men had already paid for the next “photoshoot”, and she would be completely screwed financially if she ended up getting sued by the men.


Yang Yewon revealed the sexual abuse happened 5 times, every time she was scheduled for a photoshoot. She shared what she thought the scariest thing from the entire ordeal was.

“The scariest thing of all was that these photos were already taken of me, and that those photos might spread online. That people I know, or my family, will end up seeing these photos.” — Yang Ye Won


She couldn’t tell anyone and lived in constant fear that those photos would appear. On May 8, her worst dreams came true as those photos surfaced. She received messages that would fall under sexual harassment and her acquaintances and her boyfriend saw them.

“I really wanted to die, I was so scared. What would my boyfriend Dong Min think of me if he sees them? What if my mom or dad find out, how much will their hearts hurt? How shocked would my younger brother be, who is still a teenager? I wouldn’t be able to see him again.” — Yang Ye Won


The leak made Yang Ye Won make the drastic decision to try and end her life.

“I broke up with Dong Min and wrote a suicide letter to my parents. I tried 3 times to kill myself, but failed. I became more depressed. Even dying is difficult.” — Yang Ye Won


Through encouragement from her boyfriend and family, she gained the courage to speak out about her situation.

“Even if I can’t catch the people that did this to me, I can help prevent others from experiencing what I did. There were pictures of not just me, but a lot of other women too that were leaked on that site.” — Yang Ye Won


Her boyfriend, Dong Min, also commented on the matter.

“I have been dating Ye Won for 2 years and always thought she was a bright and pretty girl, but she had this huge pain inside of her. I was so angry and upset when I found out, I thought I was going to go crazy. But the saddest thing to me is to see Ye Won be so sad and in so much pain, to the point where she isn’t eating and can’t sleep.

As Ye Won said, why should the victims hide? It is painful, but why are so many people subject to sexual harassment? If there are any other victims, don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t be shy. If you were going through pains and hardship, now you can fight and beat it. If you would like to contact me or Ye Won and release your fears, please do so.” — Yang Ye Won’s Boyfriend


Watch her full video explaining what happened below:

Source: Asia Today