Popular YouTuber Shares Special Gift From Sulli

“Prettier than all the colors…”

Popular YouTuber Korea_Grandma, also known as Park Mak Rye, relayed her thanks belatedly to the late Sulli of f(x).

Korea_Grandma | @korea_grandma/Instagram

On March 31, the YouTuber uploaded a video titled “Makeup For A Lunch Meet”.

The video showed herself getting ready, trying on different makeup, during which she presented a lipstick which she introduced as “very special to me. Sulli gave this to me. I’ll use it sparingly. I’ll use it well, Sulli. It is prettier than all the colors I’ve bought on my own.”

YouTuber Park Mak Rye | Korea_Grandma/YouTube

The YouTuber had first met the f(x) star in 2018 during a makeup brand promotion. The YouTuber then would follow Sulli’s makeup. Eventually, the star reached out to the YouTuber, saying she wanted to meet her.

At the time of Sulli’s passing, Park wrote, “Sulli, you are kinder than kind, live as you please in heaven. Grandma will bring you kimchi when I go see you. I love you.” (In Korea, it is custom that your parents send you kimchi every year)

Sulli | @jelly_jilli/Instagram

Choi Jin Ri, who was beloved as Sulli, passed on October 14, 2019, at her residence in Seong Nam city.

Check out the YouTuber’s video below.

Source: Nate