Popular YouTubers TheWineHolics Under Fire For Racist Joke About Koreans

Even if it was a joke it was uncalled for, racist, and not funny at all.

Livestreams are generally a good way for an audience to connect with a creator, but things didn’t go so well for some YouTubers who recently came under fire for their seriously racist comments about Korea.


It all started when someone asked them if they would like to go to Korea. One of the boys in the video laughed and said no while another quietly said that he would like to go there.

But the quiet boy’s desire to go to Korea was soon covered by the other’s idea of a joke.


He was asked why he didn’t want to go to Korea and his reply is setting everyone’s teeth on edge. In what he may have thought was a joke he said, “We still have half a dog in the fridge.

The uncalled for comment immediately had audience members questioning if they had heard him wrong or not. Unfortunately, they had heard him right.


The comments were even worse since they were also asked about Japan and had some pretty nice things to say about the country.

When first asked, they quickly said they wanted to travel to Japan and try some authentic Japanese food.


The video quickly gained a lot of negative attention thanks to the racist comments. Since the video has had such a major backlash, it has now been taken off of YouTube.