PornHub Posts BLACKPINK Members Photos On Instagram

They posted two photos on Instagram.

PornHub, a popular site for sharing pornographic videos, updated their Instagram story with photos of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé.

The images show Lisa and Rosé enjoying a night out in the markets in Bangkok. PornHub tagged Rosé’s Instagram in their two photos.


Although blurry, the photos were probably posted because the girls were seen near racks of sweaters that had PornHub’s logo on it.


After sharing the photos without any explanation, PornHub started following Rosé’s account. PornHub’s Instagram account follows a variety of people from porn stars to musicians and actors.


BLACKPINK was recently spotted at a market in Thailand, enjoying the nightlife full of food, shopping and music.


Fans have mixed feelings about this “interaction” as some find it unacceptable, while others find it humorous.