Post About The Importance Of RM’s English Abilities To BTS’s Success Goes Viral On Weibo

He’s even been invited to speak in front of the UN

BTS has undoubtedly joined the ranks of international stardom, thanks to their years of hard work and consistent talent.

You can find ARMY communities in every corner of the world at this point, thanks to the power of social media and the internet.

There are many factors that have led to this, but recently, a post has gained traction among Chinese ARMYs on Sina Weibo.

One person was moved to make a post when she saw some people commenting that BTS would still succeed in the West even if RM couldn’t speak English.

Given how hard RM has worked to polish his English skills and how he powers through by leading the group in interviews overseas, this ARMY netizen was inspired to write a Weibo post.

The message that she tried to get across was that RM was not simply BTS’s translator but he is their spokesperson.

As a result, he is the person who can get across BTS’s message and genuinely communicate what they strive to achieve.

Any singer who wants to expand into overseas markets don’t only need their music and creation, they also need promotions and this process relies on various charts, interviews and communication and these are done by Namjoon

The original poster highlighted that in her honest opinion, there is still coldness in America towards music from foreign countries. It is thus groundbreaking that BTS has been able to achieve mainstream success in the United States.

The fact is that there are still boundaries and prejudice revolving around music … a part of it is the language. Western people despise work that is not a part of their language. If we want to break this prejudice, relying on translations wouldn’t work, actual communication is needed

She argues that while Big Hit Entertainment can hire translators for BTS, this would greatly diminish their approachability as this would interrupt the bridge between the members and their audience.

She highlights that RM’s strength in communication doesn’t lie in his ability to speak fluently, but rather in the way that he can express himself poetically so that everyone can understand the group’s message in only a few words.

He is very capable of expressing himself poetically. The concept “less is more” is very important too, like his UN speech. This is also why Western fans feel BTS’s sincerity and humility

The post has gained traction on Weibo with many fellow C-ARMYs also agreeing with the poster of how important RM’s communication skills are to the group.

Just knowing English vocabulary alone is no use, the key is knowing how to speak and communicate … [RM] radiates maturity and confidence and it’s so admirable.

[There’s no need to check, his English greatly helps with the communication between BTS and foreign fans. It also acts as a bridge that allows foreign fans to hear them directly talk about their dreams and their opinions

They agreed that RM isn’t merely a translator of the group.

One commenter stated that RM is the member who can truly communicate the message and the thinking process of BTS to the world, so that everyone, including C-ARMYs can understand what the members are trying to do.

Merely just translating will not be as impactful as Namjoon. Only he understands the concept of their group, what they will stand for and the messages they want to spread.

Namjoon also understands every member’s personality, hence he’s able to cue them when it’s suitable. He also translates for all of them and doesn’t leave anyone out … If they relied on a translator, can this be done?


All in all, it is true that every member of BTS is important and the skills that they have worked so hard on culturing have launched them to tremendous success.

RM’s leadership and communication skills is a vital part of the group and everyone knows that his role as BTS’s spokesperson has truly broken barriers for Asian artists.