Prain TPC denies rumors of Lee Joon’s relationship

On January 8th, Prain TPC released an official statement denying rumors of Lee Joon’s two-year relationship with a non-celebrity female.

Earlier, it was reported that Lee Joon was in an ongoing relationship of two years with a non-celebrity. However, his new agency Prain TPC denied these claims with an official report:

Representatives stated, “This is the official statement in response to reports made this morning. Due to the fact that Lee Joon studied dance and attended an arts high school, he has more female friends than male friends. They are all simply friends without romantic implications. 

“Lee Joon himself has said that he feels being in a relationship isn’t something to be embarrassed of and that if he meets a good person he would like to reveal it himself than through another. However, as of now, he is a young man who wants to act more than date. Please cheer on his acting career.

Meanwhile, the star is currently looking into the upcoming SBS drama I Heard A Rumor

Source: Kukinews