This Pre-Debut Video of GFRIEND’s Yuju Is Going Viral For Her Incredible Talent

A video of GFRIEND‘s Yuju before debut has been going viral as she performed Zhang Li Yin‘s “Y” flawlessly at a youth talent contest in 2012.

In 2012, the state of Gyeonggi held their 20th Youth Contest, where students of all ages came to perform their talents. Of these many students was GFRIEND’s Yuju (before she debuted).

For her performance, she performed the difficult song “Y” by Zhang Li Yin, yet was able to hit every single high note and deliver the song perfectly until the end.

She looked extremely comfortable performing in front of a large crowd and captivated the crowd enough to be met with a big round of applause by the end of her performance.

Check out her amazing performance here:

Source: Dispatch