Predebut Video Of BTS’s Jimin Dancing Goes Viral

He’s always been a great dancer!

BTS‘s Jimin has always been talented, and a predebut video of him that recently resurfaced is proof!

BTS’s Jimin | BTS/Weverse

There are quite a few predebut videos of Jimin floating around the internet, but this one is special because it shows off his popping and locking skills exceptionally well. While many people know Jimin for his ballet and contemporary dance skills, not many people know that he actually studied street dance(like popping and locking), too.

| Kookies And Cream/YouTube

Jimin studied at Just Dance Academy in Busan, and the video that recently went viral is from the academy’s dance showcase.

| @jmserendipity13/Twitter

In the video, Jimin is shown dancing to a variety of songs, including Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor.”

As expected of Jimin, he executed every move perfectly. Just look at how sharp his movements are!

ARMYs loved seeing the predebut clip of Jimin, and they praised him for his talents!

Check out the full clip below!