President Joe Biden Gives A Shout Out To K-Pop And “Minari” For Their Cultural Impact

People are surprised that the President mentioned these things at a press conference.

United States President Joe Biden recently held a press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae In. This was his second meeting with the country’s representatives after becoming President.

(left) President Moon Jae In (right) President Joe Biden

During the conference, President Biden mentioned that the United States and South Korea share a long history together.

Our soldiers have fought alongside one another. Our scientists work side-by-side in both our countries. Our students study together, share ideas, and seed new opportunities for future collaboration. And our people-to-people and cultural connections are only growing.

— President Joe Biden

He continued by complimenting the culture and entertainment that is continuously being shared between the two countries. He smiled while saying, “…And K-Pop fans are universal. I can tell those who laughed know what I’m talking about.” BTS‘s “Butter” was being released on the same day, so fans believe they are who he was referencing.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

President Biden also mentioned actress Youn Yeo Jung‘s historic win at the 2021 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in Minari, as well as Parasite‘s 4 historic wins last year. He shared that due to the cultural impact of both the United States and South Korea, the two countries’ alliances will only grow stronger.

Actress Youn Yuh Jung accepting the Oscar. | ABC7

Many fans were surprised that a President mentioned such topics, especially during an important conference on very serious topics. It has received many mixed reactions.

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