South Korean President Moon Jae In Congrats BTS On Their Win At The 2021 AMAs

Congrats to the boys!

Recently, BTS took home all three awards at the 2021 American Music Awards, including the Artist of the Year award, making them the first Asian artist to do so! With such a great accomplishment, Korean President Moon Jae In left a message congratulating the boys through Twitter.

Congrats to BTS for winning the Artist of the Year award at the AMAs. Last month, the U.S. global think tank Strategic International Research Institute held an unusual conference under the theme of ‘Korea’s Soft Power’. During the conference, world renowned scholar Joseph Nye, the founder of the concept of ‘soft power’, praised Korea for proving the world’s most dynamic soft power by combining unprecedented economic success with vibrant democracy. Korean culture dominates the world and its strength in national character and diplomacy.

BTS’s win at the AMAs confirmed this once again. The reason for introducing this part of the news conference is because something that Joseph Nye once said came to mind. He said, ‘Even though there is no country that has been more successful than Korea over the past 60 years, still so many Koreans think that are weak or behind. This affects their optimism and creativity.’ What do you think? Isn’t it worth having confidence and pride now?

⁠— Moon Jae In

Congrats once again to BTS for another amazing accomplishment!