President Moon Jae In And BTS Meet In Paris

President Moon Jae In was tagged in BTS’ post!

President Moon Jae In and First Lady Kim Jung Sook have met BTS and watched their performance at the “Resonance of Korean Musicians” held in Paris, France.

Photo taken after “Resonance of Korean Musicians” concert


On October 15th, BTS shared photos taken with the president and his wife on their Twitter. President Moon Jae In was tagged in the post.

“Korea-France Friendship Concert “Resonance of Korean Musicians” in France”


The previous day, a special Korea-France Friendship Concert called “Resonance of Korean Musicians” was held in Paris, France and among the 400 guests who attended the event was President Moon Jae In and First Lady Kim Jung Sook, who were in France on a state visit.

First Lady Kim Jung Sook could be seen singing along to BTS’ “IDOL”.


A traditional and fusion performance by the National Gugak Center was held, followed by BTS’ performance of “DNA” and “IDOL”.


After the performance, the president went up on stage and shook each of the members’ hands, thanking them for promoting the Hallyu culture.


In an interview, President Moon Jae In shared his thoughts about K-Pop:

“K-Pop is music that has the passion and excitement of Korea, but that encourages those around the world to challenge themselves in achieveing their dreams.” ㅡ President Moon Jae In


Meanwhile, BTS recently became the youngest recipients of the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit for “not only promoting the Hallyu culture, but also promoting Hangul with numerous people of the younger generation around the world singing lyrics written in our language”.


Watch BTS’ performance of “DNA” and “IDOL” at the Korea-France Friendship Concert below:

Source: Newsen and Osen