President Moon Jae In Addresses Jang Ja Yeon and Burning Sun Cases

President Moon Jae In addressed the recent scandals in Korea.

President Moon Jae In recently addressed the Jang Ja Yeon and Burning Sun cases and stated, “For the crimes that have exceeded the statute of limitations, I expect the truth to be revealed, and for the ones that haven’t, I ask that the law enforcement take judicial action.

Regarding the police collusion suspicion, President Moon stated, “The prosecution and police must put the fates of their organizations on the line and take responsibility for the cases that have been brought forward.

On the afternoon of the 18th, President Moon announced that he had been briefed on the cases by the Minister of Public Administration and Security and stated, “I expect the Minister of Public Administration and Security to work with the Minister of Justice to investigate the many suspicions that have arisen.

President Moon continued by stating, “There are cases that are highly suspicious, yet they haven’t been exposed or rather concealed for a long period of time. The shared characteristic of these cases is that they arose along the privileged class and that there is circumstantial evidence suggesting intentionally careless investigations by the prosecution and police as well as efforts to conceal the truth.

President Moon explained that as a result, citizens have been expressing rage due to questions such as “What on earth took place during the past investigations?” and “What is the reason for how they conducted the investigations?” President Moon also stressed, “We cannot speak of a just society until the truth behind what happened in the privileged class comes out.

President Moon also pointed out that in addition to the truth behind the cases themselves, the truth behind the suspicions of concealment and preferential treatment need to be exposed as well, and that the victims of the cases had to tremble in fear because they couldn’t receive protection from the law.

President Moon emphasized, “If the prosecution and police do not reveal the truth regarding the suspicions of careless and poor investigations in the past, they will never regain public confidence as an inspection agency.

Regarding the Burning Sun scandal, President Moon stated, “This is a case that is highly suspected of receiving protection and preferential treatment by the authorities for the illegal acts such as drug use and sexual assault that took place among the privileged class. If these suspicions prove to be true, that will be very shocking.

President Moon added, “Similar illegal acts and police collusion could have been committed in other adult entertainment establishments, so a detailed investigation must be conducted on this matter as well.

Source: Yonhap News

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