President Park caught pretending to be Gil Raim from Secret Garden

President Park Geunhye is the talk of the town once again after her past alias was revealed.

Before Park became president, she used to frequent Chaum Medical Center. This members-only center even had a team dedicated to Park, including a private Pilates instructor.

Here, she enrolled herself under the alias Gil Ra-im, to the contempt of the public. The indoor garden situated on the fifth floor of the medical center also went by the name of Secret Garden. The public scorned her usage of the name, saying the only thing in common between the two is that they both have no fathers.

The fifth floor directory showing the Secret Garden on Chaum's site. / Source: Chaum
The fifth floor directory showing the Secret Garden on Chaum’s site. / Source: Chaum

Another shocking fact was that the yearly membership fee for Chaum Medical Center was 150,000,000‎ Korean won, approximately $126,400 USD. A one-time treatment fee would run from $250 to 350 USD but Park never paid for any of her treatments, stated a Chaum representative.

She was also given special treatment such as being treated twice a week after closing hours. Park would sometimes have meetings with other congressmen at Chaum after her treatments. Insiders believe she may have frequently met with Choi Soon Sil as well.

Source: Seoul Economy and Chosun

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