Former YG rapper Prhyme’s Post Exposing YG Entertainment Resurfaces In Light Of Recent Controversy

He exposed what went on at YG Entertainment.

Former YG rapper Pryhyme‘s comment about Yang Hyun Suk has been resurfacing in light of Yang Hyun Suk’s recent prostitution scandal.

Back in 2016, Pryhyme left a comment about Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment on an article about Yoo Byung Jae, who was managed under YG Entertainment at the time.


If I entertained Yang Hyun Suk with alcohol every night, I’d be in that position right now. I ran out of that dark space because I was sick and tired of it.

ㅡ Prhyme


The comment was later deleted but Prhyme clarified that he did not delete it because he was afraid or because it was not true.

I didn’t erase it because I was afraid of malicious comments or because it was not true. It was because I felt bad for one of the people in the article.

ㅡ Prhyme


He further explained that he saw with his own eyes the alcohol entertainment that was taking place for years and claimed to know all of the related persons who were involved.

I directly saw the alcohol entertainment that took place for years and know all the male and female acquaintances and persons related to the club that were there.

ㅡ Phryme


He claimed that it even became difficult to have a meal with his family due to the frequent company gatherings where they were forced to drink and serve alcohol.

After signing with the company, I had more weekend alcohol gatherings than schedules. It even affected my health. It was hard to even have a simple meal with my family on the weekend. If a famous or important person came, I often called the driver and went home alone in the morning after taking care of things.

ㅡ Prhyme


He added that he gave up on trying to reappear on television entirely after his contract was terminated and decided to start again from the bottom. 


Meanwhile, MBC‘s Straight recently aired an episode reporting claims that Yang Hyun Suk solicited prostitution for his foreign business partners.



Source: Dispatch