“Prison Playbook’s” Leading Man, Park Hae Soo Announces Upcoming Wedding

He’s getting married!

Actor Park Hae Soo has revealed that not only is he in a relationship, he will be marrying his girlfriend on January 14 of next year!


f(x) Krystal‘s former leading man, Park Hae So will be holding his wedding in an undisclosed Seoul in early 2019 with their family and close friends.


The wedding will be MC’d by his close friend, actor Lee Ki Seob and the congratulatory song will be sang by musical actors and Ulala Session‘s Park Kwang Seon — who are in a bible study together with Park Hae Soo.


The 37-year-old will be marrying a non-celebrity who is 6 years younger than him, who he has been dating for one year.

Park Hae Soo left a sweet message to his fans on his fan cafe, letting them know that he wished he could invite his fan club “Wildflower” to the wedding.

“Hello, this is Park Hae Soo. It’s a bit awkward to come by and write a letter instead of posting a video [for you].

It’s a bit sudden and though there will be those who are surprised, I’ve come to deliver happy news to you. I’ve written a few lines of a somewhat lacking & apologetic letter to tell my Waffle family first, before my company announces the news in a few hours.

I’m going to have a new start with my life partner. On January 14, 2019, with family and close acquaintances I will be having a quiet wedding.

This is a gift-like person to me. I would like to spend forever with and grow with this person who holds my hand and becomes my strength during difficult times and happy times.

I believe today will be happiest day ever if all of you, Wildflower — who has been my reliable support and always moved with me for a long time ever since I was on the musical stage — can give my wedding their blessing.

In my heart, I would invite all of you and treat you all to meal but I plan to have a small wedding and then organize to meet our fancafe members.

In the future, while remembering the love and support this family gave me, I will work hard show you good sides of me as an actor. I want to see all of you on stage as soon as possible.

Thank you always,. I’m rooting for you, my family.

— Park Hae Soo

Source: OSEN