PRISTIN Kyla’s Brother Allegedly Caught Saying She Can “Suck His D*ck”

Kyla’s brother, Luke voiced his opinions about his sister and the rest of his family.

PRISTIN Kyla‘s brother Luke Massie took to Twitter to voice his opinions about his sister and the rest of his family. According to Luke, he’s been kicked out of his house and has had a falling out with his family, including Kyla.

Ever since Kyla’s debut in Pledis Entertainment girl group PRISTIN, Luke has been very vocal and open to the K-Pop community about his sister’s career. But in his latest updates, he included an alleged email exchange that happened between him and Kyla on Kyla’s birthday, December 26th. In the first email, Luke sent Christmas and birthday wishes to Kyla.

A screenshot of the email that Luke sent to Kyla on her birthday. Luke tweeted this and later deleted it.

The second email he shared, however, was supposedly a response from Kyla. But there have been claims that the email from Kyla was fabricated by Luke in order to hurt Kyla and their family. Skeptics noted that the message was cropped in a way that made it unclear whether it was really a reply from Kyla.

After posting screenshots of the emails, Luke received backlash from fans, who were afraid that Kyla would receive hate. Luke’s girlfriend Shay chimed in and added that Kyla will “gain haters because of herself.” 

One fan who was able to reach him by direct message, shared a message that he had allegedly sent.

A message one fan reportedly received from Kyla’s brother Luke Massie through direct message on Twitter.

Shortly after an the exchange with some fans, Luke sent one final public tweet and subsequently changed his username from @bluerazorstorm (which he also uses for his YouTube channel) to @lukehmassie.

After going on a long rant, he changed his Twitter handle and updated his profile to reflect his feelings. The account is now set on “protected” mode, as is his girlfriend Shay’s account.