PRISTIN Kyla’s brother reveals she’s not on break because of mental health, it was a more serious issue

Kyla’s brother claimed the company was trying to cover something up.

PRISTIN’s Kyla’s brother has alleged that Kyla is, in fact, not on a break due to mental health or weight-related issues and that the reality is perhaps more serious than that!

Fans have been speculating as to the true reason for Kyla’s break from PRISTIN and many believed that Kyla was likely taking a leave of absence for her mental health. Ever since her debut, Kyla has received relentless criticism for her weight and fans believed that the likely cause of her “health issues” was the pressure and stress brought on by comments about her appearance.

Pledis Entertainment released its own statement regarding Kyla’s temporary hiatus that was vague but seemed to point towards some sort of ongoing health issues:

“After returning to her home in the U.S. for Chuseok, Kyla received a doctor’s checkup and was recommended to rest. Kyla expressed her willingness to partake in PRSITIN’s activities and our company wanted the same as well. Kyla’s doctor, however, expressed that what Kyla most needed was to rest and that it would be difficult for her to participate in PRISTIN’s promotional activities. As a result, Kyla will be resting at her home in the U.S. until her condition gets better. We apologize for the sudden news, but we concluded that what is most important is Kyla’s health. Kyla will join PRISTIN upon her recovery.”

— Pledis Entertainment

Kyla’s brother, Luke Messie, however, revealed something that appeared to be at odds with Pledis Entertainment’s statement: that Kyla had received a concussion.

Luke also tweeted a statement of criticism that seemed to be directed at Pledis Entertainment for not revealing the truth.

Prior to her break, Luke had tweeted about Kyla receiving a head injury during a music video shooting and many are drawing the logical conclusion that her head injury and concussion were connected.


Luke has since deleted his tweets, but fans hope that  Kyla’s health condition is not too serious and that she will return to PRISTIN soon.