Pristin Unveils New Names For Members And Group Concept

Pristin teased fans with concept images and brand new stage names ahead of their upcoming debut. 

On February 13th, Pledis Entertainment started to release new information and images for Pristin’s debut. The new profile pictures and new stage names were uploaded on their official homepage along with hints of their debut concept.

Mingyeong, who was known for her visuals and participation in Mnet’s Produce 101, will be promoting under the name Roa, while Yebin will make her debut as Rena.

Siyeon is set to promote as Xiyeon, Yewon as Yehana and Kyungwon as Yuha.

Teaser images for Kyla, Sungyeon, Kyulkyung, Eunwoo and Nayoung were also released.

Since last year, the members made their mark in the industry by taking part in Produce 101 and eventually promoted with their temporary name, Pledis Girlz. Early this year, however, they ended their promotional stint as trainees and met their fans through their BYE & HI Concert.

Source: Herald Pop