Pritz criticized again after Nazi scandal for use of Imperial Flag in album cover

Known for their previous use of the Nazi Flag in their music video, Pritz is once again under fire, this time, for sporting what resembles the Japanese Imperial Flag in their promotional material.

Pritz has only recently been questioned for sporting armbands during a performance at a horse track that resembled the Nazi symbol. Fans of the freshly-debuted girl group have been hoping for the controversy to die downin order for the girls to be able to gain positive attention and increase their fanbase. However, this has proven to be a difficult task, as new light has been shed upon promotional material from July 2014.

The image in question was the cover artwork for their first single, The Hardest Question For Mankind. At first glance, it looks like a simple black background, with the focus point of the image being the girls and their name in bold white letters. However, once carefully examined, there seems to be an image that holds a great amount of similarity to the Japanese Imperial Flag, otherwise known as the Rising Sun Flag, that is watermarked in the background.

The flag acts a symbol of the crimes and cruelty inflicted upon opposing nations, especially Korea and China, by the Japanese military during World War 2, and holds an almost equal amount of taboo as the Nazi swastika symbol within the Korean community.

Pritz consists of members Hana, Yuna, Ari and Shua, and gained recognition amongst fans as the Korean girl group who mos greatly resembled J-popgirl band Babymetal. This resemblance to J-pop style of music has stemmed from their music style, concept, and even fashion sense.

Source: Ilgan Sports