“Private Lives” Actress Kim Hyo Jin Wows K-Drama Fans With Her Gorgeous Model-Status Bod

Legs for days indeed.

During a recent press conference for the newly premiered series Private Lives

“Private Lives” poster featuring actresses Kim Hyo Jin and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. | JTBC

… the lead actress Kim Hyo Jin wowed K-Drama fans…

Actress Kim Hyo Jin at the press conference. | SpoTV News

… in this chic $4K BALMAIN button-down dress.

Similar dress on BALMAIN’s official online shop. | BALMAIN

When press photos from the conference began circulating online, fans couldn’t hide their amusement at the actress’s gorgeousness…

| pickcon

… especially her lean, mean legs for days!

| asiae

Kim Hyo Jin, who is happily wed to actor Yoo Ji Tae since 2011, is a loving mother to her two sons — on top of being a successful actress…

My treasures ❤️❤️

— Kim Hyo Jin

… and fans are falling with this model-status mom-of-the-year! In a previous Instagram post, she did reveal that she worked hard to shed 18 kilograms (about 40 pounds) after giving birth to her younger son in 2019.

Kim Hyo Jin | @hyojin__0705/Instagram

With the premiere of Private Lives, Kim Hyo Jin is ending her prolonged hiatus of eight years.

Kim Hyo Jin in “Private Lives”. | JTBC

Fans are falling madly in love with the actress’s “top tier con artist” badass boss vibes that make it hard to believe she has been away so long!

Watch the highlights of Private Lives here.

Source: THEQOO