“Produce 101” Contestant Shocks Fans By Announcing Marriage To Comedian 10 Years Older

Congratulations to the couple!

Comedian Lee Sang Ho is getting married to singer/model Kim Ja Yeon (also known as Jayeon).

Lee Sang Ho (back) with Kim Ja Yeon (front) | @trot_twins/Instagram

Lee Sang Ho, who is a well-known comedian and part of a duo with his twin brother, will be marrying the singer this upcoming September. The two are said to have met at a gym and have dated for the past four years.

Lee Sang Ho confirmed the news through his Instagram account, in which he announced his upcoming marriage to the singer.

I am finally getting married at the age of 43. You guys may have already read the news articles, but I am confirming the news. We are getting married after dating for four years. She has always been next to me when I was struggling and supported me. I ask that you will bless our marriage. We will live well, thank you. I hope you guys are as happy as I am.

— Lee Sang Ho

Singer Kim Ja Yeon also took to her Instagram to confirm the news with fans. In her announcement, the singer doted on her groom, who is ten years older, and revealed her beautiful engagement photos.

Hello, it is Kim Ja Yeon!

There are people who contacted me after seeing the articles, but because I was careful not to reveal my relationship, there might be many who were shocked by the news, so I am writing to you here. Because I want to thank the fans who have supported me since I was a trainee and an idol, this letter might be a little long.

Some of you know that as I made my debut, my label disappeared, and so I transitioned into the fitness industry, but despite slowly reaching my goals, I have always been nervous. Then I met Sang Ho oppa, who is a life sunbae, and I have been spending my days being loved and able to have peace of mind. 

I realized that this was the type of person I needed to date to be happy, and after four years of dating, we promised to get married this September. To be honest, my song “Hold My Hand” was a proposal song, but I was waiting to tell you. I hope you aren’t too surprised as I plan to live life diligently and still be close to all of you, and please continue to be with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and let’s see each other for a long time.

— Kim Ja Yeon

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Ho is a beloved comedian who debuted in 2006. The comedian also reached 6th place in a 2020 KBS trot competition and is active as a trot singer.

Lee Sang Ho (left) and Lee Sang Min (right) |

Kim Ja Yeon first gained fame in 2016 through the audition program Produce 101. After, she debuted in 2017 with 1NB before transitioning to the fitness industry, where she competed in body-building events such as Muscle Mania, where she placed first for “Ms. Bikini Shot” in 2019. She is currently active as both a fitness influencer and singer.

| @__jayonii/Instagram

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