“Produce 101” girls to make appearance at Kim Ju Na’s debut showcase

Some former members of Produce 101 will be appearing at Kim Ju Na‘s upcoming solo debut showcase.

According to relevant staff, Kim Seokyung, Kim Hyungeun, Lee Suhyun, and Lee Haein will be appearing at the showcase on September 12th, contestants who sang the track “Don’t Matter” on Produce 101. Unfortunately Kwon Eunbin and Jeon Soyeon of Cube Entertainment will not be participating again as they did before due to prior commitments.

Kim Ju Na will be performing the track with the four members again at the upcoming showcase, openly showing their support for their friend. Reports reveal that the five are currently rehearsing for their stage performance.

Set to release her debut single Summer Dream, Kim Ju Na will be officially debuting on September 12th. The single is gaining a lot of attention as it was composed by VIBE member Ryu Jae Hyun. It is said that it highlights her husky voice with many forshadowing that the single will be a hit.

Source: isplus