Produce 101 Jang Moon Bok Receiving Death Threats

Produce 101 contestant Jang Moon Bok allegedly received death threats from other contestants’ fans on the way to a hidden mission.

A video was recently uploaded on Twitter showing fans of Produce 101 waiting to see their favorite contestants heading into the studio to record a hidden mission.

In this video, Jang Moon Bok rolled down his window to greet the fans waiting outside and waved to them as he drove past.

As he passed by, one fan shouted “Fuck off, fuck” which can be heard very clearly in the video, and another fan allegedly shouted “Go die“, which wasn’t recorded.

Fans recounted that other contestants’ fans loudly expressed that they couldn’t believe Jang Moon Bok actually had fans coming to see him at his schedule.

Jang Moon Bok previously revealed in an interview that he was constantly bullied through high school after his appearance in Superstar K, and that even his mother had cried many nights.

“I cried a lot by myself. I wondered if I should continue doing music and rap. But I already took the first step, and it was the first time doing what I wanted to do, so I decided to just give it my all and that’s why I decided to audition. I applied because I don’t have anything else to lose. I’m not going to let myself continue to be laughed at. I want to show them that I’ve matured.”
– Produce 101’s Jang Moon Bok

Source: MK and Hankyung