Produce 101 responds to accusations of discrimination against contestants

Produce 101 have responded to the allegations that the show has been mistreating certain trainees.

On March 21, Mnet’s Produce 101 was accused of discrimination against contestants based on a classification system. The trainees received different treatment depending on their classification or grade, not only in training but also in real life.

The controversy emerged after a trainee with a lower grade remarked that opportunity for meals and using the restrooms varied depending on the classification they received. The classification system was used by the program in the previous season. It gave the trainees different access in how they receive training and was adopted with the new season as well.

The producer for the show has released a statement denying the speculations.

“There are a lot of people in the group, so they live within the group.

There has been no human rights violation. There is no concern for the viewers. We are filming smoothly.”

— Produce 101 Producer

The second season was already plagued with various accusations involving alleged sexual harassment and plagiarism prior to its first episode. Mnet’s Produce 101 assured viewers that there are no other issues with their classification system.  The first episode will air on April 7.

Source: Dispatch