Produce 101 Season 2 Winners Might Not Debut As Expected

As Produce 101 Season 2 nears its end, the number of trainees that will debut in the winning group still has not been confirmed.

Update: Originally it was reported that Mnet was undecided on how many trainees would end up debuting. CJ E&M has now confirmed that the top 11 trainees will debut.

“It has been decided that 11 trainees will debut. There will be no change.”

— CJ E&M

An insider report detailed how Mnet is still currently undecided on the number of trainees that will end up making their debut with the group formed by the eventual winners.

According to the insider, the winning group may not have 11 members like I.O.I did in Season 1 and the production team is currently debating how many members should make their debut. Since the beginning of the program, it was never specifically mentioned that the winning group would be finalized at 11 members.

The homepage simply tells fans to vote for their boy.

A staff member of Produce 101 Season 2 was also asked whether they could confirm any details on the number of trainees that would make their debut.

“It is not confirmed that 11 trainees will make their debut.”

— Produce 101 Staff

Season 2 has taken a different turn as only 20 trainees will survive the last round of eliminations, down from 22 in Season 2. The final 20 trainees will be revealed on June 9’s broadcast and the winners will be revealed on June 16’s live broadcast.

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