Produce 101 has selected their new center trainee for Season 2

The elusive center position for Produce 101 Season 2‘s first performance will be going to a skilled Brand New Music trainee.

Numerous broadcast officials reported on March 8 that out of the 101 trainees for Produce 101 Season 2, the first center position went to an unknown Brand New Music trainee. This was determined at the recording for a future M! Countdown performance that will precede the show, similar to Season 1. Ryan Jhun has been confirmed to have composed Season 2’s theme song, which is the song that will be performed.

An entertainment official commented on the Brand New Music trainee’s skills.

“The Brand New Music trainee who will be the center for the first performance on the show shows excellent stage manners and performance skills.”

Entertainment Official

It has also been reported that this particular trainee is known to be very skilled in rap and writing songs. The trainee in question has also never been exposed through television before, bringing interest as the public tries to figure out just who this could be.

The first center for Produce 101 Season 1 was Choi Yoojung, who ultimately made it into the top 11 and was able to promote with I.O.I for one year.

Produce 101 Season 2 will begin broadcasts during the first half of 2017, with speculation that it will begin on April 7, after the end of High School Rapper. The group that is created from this show will promote for around 18 months.

Source: Xportnews