Produce 101 Staff Criticized For Constantly Harassing Park Ji Hoon

Produce 101 Season 2 is receiving criticism from their viewers for asking psychologically harsh questions to Park Ji Hoon, who is only 18 years old.

“Do you think you can stay in 1st place?”

The producers could have phrased it positively, “How do you plan on maintaining 1st place?” But, nope!

“How does it feel to drop from 1st place?”

Ji Hoon was already feeling terrible for lowering in rank, but they just had to make him say it out loud.

“Are you okay with losing the center position?”

He can’t help but aim for the center spot in such a cutthroat environment, but the producers edited him like he was greedy.

“How does it feel to lose the center position?”

He just lost his signature title. Can’t the producers be more considerate towards someone who’s barely-an-adult?

“How does it feel to drop down to 3rd place?”

An 18-year-old can only take so much stress! Ji Hoon probably felt miserable thinking he let everyone (and himself) down.

“Show us your aegyo.”

After digging for tears and signs of weakness, the producers closed off by demanding Ji Hoon showing some aegyo.