This Produce 101 Trainee Fights Against His Medical Condition Every Day For A Shot At Stardom

A touching story about this Produce 101 trainee was revealed, showcasing his determination to become a star.

A post recently surfaced online and the author introduced himself as a friend of CS Entertainment trainee Jo Jin Hyung. He explained that he wanted to help out his friend who is currently participating in Produce 101 Season 2.

“Sadly he is ranked 75th right now. He has the skills but hasn’t been able to fully grasp them yet. I am writing this in hopes that he can get some more strength and support.

Jo Jin Hyung was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was a child but he’s a friend who is persistent and gets his work done. He considers his condition only a minor inconvenience. He works hard even though he has to get insulin shots 5 times a day.

I hope everyone can see my friend’s skills and determination and vote for him!”

— Jo Jin Hyung’s friend

In the past week, Jo Jin Hyung has been rising in popularity as his ranking jumped from 92nd place in Episode 2 to 75th place in Episode 3. The mentors have also recognized his skills, moving him from rank D to B. His latest performance video of BEAST‘s “Shock” has already garnered over 330,000 views.

Watch Jo Jin Hyung’s latest performance on Produce 101 Season 2 below.

Source: Ilgan Sports