Meet the Final 12 Members of “Produce 48” Debut Group, IZONE

Congratulations to the members of IZONE!

12. WM Entertainment’s Lee Chaeyeon —221,273 votes

After being eliminated from Kpop Star 3 and SIXTEEN, this was Chaeyeon‘s third attempt to debut through an audition program. Throughout the program, Chaeyeon consistently lead the members as a dance teacher and leader.

She was rewarded by becoming the center for debut evaluation song, “Please Take Care of Us” and debuting as a member of IZONE.


11. Urban Works’s Kim Minju — 227,061 votes

Minju‘s gorgeous looks kept her in the higher ranks, as she gained more experience and improved as an idol throughout the show. She showed off her new skills during the concept evaluation and debut evaluation, and will known as a talented visual member of IZONE.


10. Woollim Entertainment’s Kim Chaewon — 238,192 votes

Chaewon saw a rise in popularity following her performance during the vocal position challenge. The 00-liner became the centre for “To Reach You” in the concept evaluation and did a stunning job. 

There is no doubt she will continue to grow as an IZONE member. 


9. AKB48’s Honda Hitomi — 240,418 votes

With her background as a cheerleader, Hitomi has been a strong contestant from the start because of her amazing skill as a dancer. The 16 year old has been an active member of AKB48 for 4 years.

Matched with her cute vocals and chubby cheeks, Hitomi has found her way into National Producers’ hearts and is now a member of IZONE


8. 8D Entertainment’s Kang Hyewon — 248,432 votes

Known for her innocent looks and captivating eyes, Hyewon has steadily climbed up the ranks. As a trainee for less than a year, she has shown hard work and steady progress throughout the show.

Paired with her role as Sato Minami’s mom showcasing fans her kind heart, 19-year old Hyewon managed to earn a spot in IZONE.


7. Woollim Entertainment’s Kwon Eunbi — 250,212 votes

Eunbi is a powerful leader, just like her lookalike Irene of Red VelvetShe is a strong dancer and singer, and has visuals worthy of being centre. Eunbi has trained for over 5 years and her hard work shows in her strong skills!


6. HKT48’s Yabuki Nako — 261,788 votes

Known as the trainee who rose from Class F to Class A, 17-year old Nako hit #1 overall during the group evaluations thanks to her strong performance as main vocal. Her adorably short stature, humble personality and exceptional skills made National Producers fall for her.


5. Starship Entertainment’s Ahn Yoojin — 280,487 votes

Yoojin has been a fan favourite from the start. She is skilled in singing and dancing, and has commercial-worthy visuals. Her talents and hard work have earned her a spot in IZONE!


4. Yuehua Entertainment’s Choi Yena — 285,385 votes

Yena is well-known for being very bright, affectionate and energizing. She was voted as the centre for Japanese debut evaluation song, “You’re Falling For Me”. When it comes to being on stage, she can be very fierce and powerful. Yena will be able to pull off any IZONE concept perfectly.


3. Stone Music Entertainment’s Jo Yuri — 294,734 votes

A former contestant on Idol School, Jo Yuri has gained huge popularity for her strong vocals and husky voice — despite only 9 months as a trainee.  The 17-year old will now be able to add her unique vocal colour to IZONE’s music!


2. HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura — 316,105 votes

Sakura was the 1st centre of Produce 48Not wanting to rely on her looks only, she strived to develop her skills and take on different concepts throughout the competition and captured the heart of National Producers.


1. Starship Entertainment’s Jang Wonyoung — 338,366 votes

Jang Wonyoung may be only 14 years old, but she’s been a talent & visual powerhouse from the start. Wonyoung gets to celebrate her 14th birthday with the incredible present of becoming the centre of IZONE. 


Congratulations to all the new members of IZONE and best of luck in the future to all the Produce 48 trainees!