Produce 48 Final Rankings Contain The Same Strange Sequencing As Produce X101

Netizens found the similarities between the two.

There has been much controversy swirling around the final rankings of Mnet’s reality survival show Produce X101 which formed the new boy group X1.

This stems from the peculiarity of the number of votes for each member during the final episode of the show. Several of the top twenty members had the exact same number of votes separating them (29,798).

Mnet has said that these were rounding errors and no manipulation took place and have allowed the Seoul Metropolitan Police to investigate the matter.

After this story broke, netizens took a look at the final rankings of Produce 48, the show that formed IZ*ONE. They found that the totals of the final 20 ranks were all multiples of 445.2178 rounded up.

For example, Jang Wonyoung earned 338,366 votes (760×445.2178) and Miyawaki Sakura earned 316,105 votes (710×445.2178).

Fans of both IZ*ONE and the newly-formed X1 are following the investigation closely because of these similarities.