“Produce 48” Lee Gaeun To Make Her Acting Debut … In A 19+ Movie

Fans are upset.

After Produce 48, Lee Gaeun was almost immediately picked up by a new agency. Following the reveal of the vote manipulation victims, her agency released a statement to let the public and fans know that Gaeun was preparing for her debut into acting. However, her first choice of work has netizens flummoxed.

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Lee Gaeun will be appearing in a hot-off-the-iron movie, Motelier. The title is a play on the word “hotelier”, usually used to refer to a someone who manages a hotel. A motel in South Korea however, has a less savory reputation as it is a cheaper option for people seeking to have a place to have sex in.

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Motels in Korea go for as cheap as $30 for a few hours of rent or $50 and up for a night’s stay. They are often located in “motel-villages” where you can find many different ones on the same street. However, they’re not the shady, run-down rooms you expect. Motels can be modern and well-decorated as well. Lee Gaeun plays Da Hee, a motel manager. Motelier tells the tale of 5 different visitors to the motel, who come for different purposes.

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Netizens are duly upset at her first movie due to the negative connotations surrounding motels as well as 19+ movies.

  • “Why is she filming this sort of thing?”
  • “I get that they will use the more racy scenes for promotional purposes but I really do question why she has to appear in this sort of movie when I see just the wordings itself…”
  • “She should’ve been on the FNS broadcast yesterday instead…”
  • “I hope Lee Gaeun hits it big”
  • “I can see what their motives are so I’m annoyed… Gaeun-ah…”
  • “Heol”
  • “Gaeun, stay strong!”

Even if there are no exposure scenes on her end, the content and low budget itself has been criticized by netizens. The movie opened just today on 3 December 2020 on VOD. Catch the trailer below.

Source: theqoo

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