Produce 48 Ratings Are Struggling, Koreans Doubt The Debut Group’s Success

“It’s already pretty clear who’s going to debut. So what’s the point in watching?”

Produce 48 is now over half way through, with the most recent episode being the seventh out of 12 scheduled, and unfortunately the show is losing viewers each week.


Through the controversies, the program held up as high as 2.8% in terms of viewer ratings, up to the fourth episode.

Since then, however, the ratings Produce 48 have declined rapidly and is now at 2.1%.


Even when the latest episodes showed trainees performing in groups on stage, which often get more attention from the viewers, the ratings couldn’t find its way up.


Koreans are comparing this low rating to the previous Produce 101 series’ relatively higher numbers, of 3.8% for season 1 and 3.1% for season 2, and calling the show a flop.


Many believe the “unsuccessful season” is due to the negativity that developed around the show, plus the viewers’ exhaustion of “enduring the Japanese trainees’ growth stories”.

  • “Right-wing-duce 48, good bye.”

  • “There is nothing to watch. Past two seasons, there were legendary performances and I’d watch even if the trainees weren’t my picks. None of that on Produce 48.”

  • “I can’t tell what the Japanese trainees are saying, so I gave up watching.”

  • “There isn’t anyone special this season. Who’s left isn’t enough to grab people’s attention anymore.”

  • “Because now the show focuses on showing how much the Japanese trainees are improving or how the Korean trainees are getting along with their fellow contestants… and it’s all a sob story but no one wants to watch that for hours and weeks.”

  • “It’s already pretty clear who’s going to debut. So what’s the point in watching?”


Here are some of the latest performances from Produce 48: