Produce X 101 Contestant Geum Dong Hyun’s Label Responds To BY9 Rumours

Will BY9 become a reality?

BY9 is the name given to the nine trainees who made the top 20 of Produce X 101 but failed to debut in X1. Ever since the show’s conclusion, fans of the eliminated trainees have been begging for someone to make this group a reality.

On August 13th, Geum Dong Hyun’s label C9 Entertainment issued a statement that addressed the possibility of BY9 and Geum Dong Hyun’s involvement.

We have continously monitored the progress of the popular fan group BY9 since the end of Produce X 101. We have since received inquiries about Geum Dong Hyun’s potential participation in BY9 from multiple sources. After discussing it with Geum Dong Hyun, we have maintained the stance that if BY9’s debut becomes a reality then Geum Dong Hyun will willingly take part. In addition, we would like to notify that Geum Dong Hyun has no intention of participating in any other project group or temporary teams besides a full 9-member BY9.

– C9 Entertainment

They also shared a small update on Geum Dong Hyun.

After the end of the program, Geum Dong Hyun is working hard as a trainee while receiving dance, rap, speaking and acting lessons with other trainees within our company. We want to sincerely thank you all and for all your love and attention towards Geum Dong Hyun, and we have ask for your continued love as Geum Dong Hyun continues his promotions in the future.

– C9 Entertainment

Geum Dong Hyun finished fourteenth at the conclusion of Produce X 101.