Former Produce X 101 Contestant Kim Hyunbin Has Left Source Music

He is no longer part of the company.

A friend of former Produce X 101 contestant Kim Hyunbin has revealed that he has left Source Music. He revealed the news through a group chat in KakaoTalk that was made for his supporters.

The message reads,

This is one of Kim Hyunbin’s close friend from Daegu who’s known him for a long time.
This week, Kim Hyunbin has left Source Music.
Kim Hyunbin terminated his contract with the company on August 28th. I will not be revealing the private details on the matter, but I know that Source Music has cut all of their male trainees since they will be debuting a new girl group. They told close peers not to talk about it before official news has been released.

News came out that Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music and will be debuting a new girl group. They recently announced that they will be holding auditions for female trainees as well.

The friend also referenced past controversies surronding Kim Hyunbin.

Kim Hyunbin also knows about the recent Instagram and sasaeng controvery, but since he is not a trainee housed by the company now, please refrain from sending your emails to Source Music.

The friend also makes sure not to make fans worry, saying that Hyunbin has yet to give up on his dreams.

Even though Kim Hyunbin has left Source Music, he has said that he will continue to go to auditions. He also said he wants to set up an Instagram account to get in touch with his fans. He is worried for his fans, and his heart is hurting. Sorry for leaving the chat room right away, but I wanted to tell you guys the news. I wish that Kim Hyunbin and the fans will always stay happy. Thank you for liking Kim Hyunbin.

Source: Pann