Produce X 101 Contestant Park Yuri Under Fire For Past Behaviour

He is under fire for bullying and racism, among other things.

Produce X 101 Contestant and ESteem Entertainment (a modeling company under SM Entertainment) trainee Park Yuri is currently under fire after a schoolmate revealed his true attitude.

An Indonesian exchange student who studied in the same class as Park Yuri claims that he always judged people based on their looks and would shoot them nasty looks.

While doing group work with him, she claims that Park Yuri was telling a Russian groupmate that their Ukranian and Norway members were ugly.

Park Yuri has occasionally been compared to iKON‘s Bobby. While many would consider this an honor, he has called Bobby ugly in the past and even posted a photo of him with a photo of Bobby side by side. He included in the caption “#notmybias.” The post has since been deleted.

He is also under fire for saying the n-word while singing a Childish Gambino song. He didn’t apologize for saying the slur, claiming that it was okay because he’s a huge fan of the artist.

He has also posted Instagram stories of him drinking alcohol.

Yuri has also been caught unfollowing people on his Instagram when he was already part of the show. Mnet, however, says that the use of social media while competing on the show is against the rules.

Netizens are disgusted by his behavior, claiming that he is a narcissist and that he has a horrible attitude. Many hope that he doesn’t debut with the final group and just continues as a model.

Source: Pann Nate