“PRODUCE X 101” Fans Gather 100 Million Won To Fund The Debut Of The 9 Disqualified Members

They want another project group like JBJ.

After X1 confirmed their debut with 11 members from PRODUCE X 101, many fans couldn’t help but want the rest of the top 20 to debut in a project group similar to JBJ from Produce 101 Season 2.

Fans of the 9 members who were eliminated from the last episode gathered together to help make another project group happen! They gathered over 100 million won (~$85,000 USD) and sent emails and letters to the trainees’ respective agencies.


The fans already created the project group’s name to be BY9, which stands for “Be Your 9”. It would consist of members Kim Mingyu, Geum Donghyun, Goo Jungmo, Song Yuvin, Lee Sejin, Lee Jinhyuk, Tony, Ham Wonjin, and Hwang Yoonsung. The fans even created the logo, teaser images, and prototypes of potential official goods!

Many hashtags began trending as fans voiced their desire for BY9 to become a reality. However, the ultimate decision would come from the agencies, who have yet to make any statements regarding the fans’ diligent efforts.