“Produce X 101” and “Idol School” Contestants Reveal The Unfair Treatment Certain Trainees Received During The Shows

From knowing songs in advance to not even having to audition…

MBC was able to interview 2 trainees who participated on Mnet‘s survival shows: one trainee from Produce X 101 and one trainee from Idol School.

The Produce X 101 trainee, identified as “A”, revealed how certain trainees were given highly preferential treatment compared to others.

There was a trainee that knew the song used for the competition in advance. We asked him how he knew, and he told us that the choreographer told him.

— “A”

The trainee also said that the real opportunity for winning was really only limited to a handful of trainees, and the production team would pre-film certain trainees, giving them more spotlight with their idea of who they believed would be most popular.

MBC also talked with an entertainment agency CEO “B”, who revealed that there was very likely collusion between some entertainment agencies and the production team.

I’ve heard things such as ‘it seems like several companies already knew of the list of trainees beforehand’ and ‘they probably were already aware of the entire situation.’

— “B”

Finally, they also talked to trainee “C” who participated in Idol School, who revealed some trainees on the show didn’t even have to audition to appear.

There were 3,000 people who auditioned for the show, but out of the 40 of the trainees that were accepted onto the show, only 4 of us were actually there at the auditions.

— “C”

Watch the full segment below:

Source: MBC