PRODUCE X 101 Fans Are Finally Realizing This Trainee’s “God-Like” Physique

His popularity is sure to shoot up fast!

PRODUCE X 101 fans recently took notice of a trainee’s long and slender physique that they call “god-like”!

kang minhee physique 1

That trainee was Kang Minhee from Starship Entertainment!

kang minhee physique 2

Kang Minhee was recently spotted at a subway station with his fellow Starship trainees.

kang minhee physique 5


And fans were blown away by how tall he actually was!

kang minhee physique 4

His legs went on forever and his shoulders were as wide as the sea, and netizens couldn’t help but awe over these fan-take photos!

kang minhee physique 6


Not only is Minhee tall with broad shoulders, but he’s also got stunning visuals!

kang minhee physique 7

Netizens quickly became his fan as they praised his overall gorgeous good looks!

kang minhee physique produce x

Just a model making the whole Earth his runway!


Kang Minhee came in 23rd this past voting round on PRODUCE X 101. Let’s see how much better he scores in the next voting!

kang minhee physique 3

Source: Nate Pann
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