PRODUCE X 101 Fans Are Finally Realizing This Trainee’s “God-Like” Physique

His popularity is sure to shoot up fast!

PRODUCE X 101 fans recently took notice of a trainee’s long and slender physique that they call “god-like”!


That trainee was Kang Minhee from Starship Entertainment!


Kang Minhee was recently spotted at a subway station with his fellow Starship trainees.


And fans were blown away by how tall he actually was!


His legs went on forever and his shoulders were as wide as the sea, and netizens couldn’t help but awe over these fan-take photos!


Not only is Minhee tall with broad shoulders, but he’s also got stunning visuals!


Netizens quickly became his fan as they praised his overall gorgeous good looks!


Just a model making the whole Earth his runway!


Kang Minhee came in 23rd this past voting round on PRODUCE X 101. Let’s see how much better he scores in the next voting!

Source: Nate Pann