“Produce X 101” Maroo Entertainment Trainees Will Be The First Eliminated Trainees To Debut

They’re making their debut!

While none of the Maroo Entertainment trainees were able to make it into the final debut group, X1, they will be the first trainees that were eliminated to make their official debut or release new music.

In an exclusive report, it was revealed that Maroo Entertainment’s 3 Produce X 101 trainees, Lee Jinwoo, Lee Woojin, and Lee Taeseung will be forming a project group.

I heard that Lee Jinwoo with the other Produce X 101 trainees from Maroo Entertainment, Lee Woojin, and Lee Taeseung,were filming some fashion pictorials. I heard it was related to their debut in September.

— Insider

Another insider also shared the same news, saying that Maroo Entertainment is organizing a project group and releasing an album.

There are plans to release an album to repay the fans for their support during the show.

— Insider

It is uncertain whether the 3 member group will continue promotions together after the release of their project album, but it is clear that the 3 trainees will be the backbone of Maroo Entertainment’s new boy group, along with former Wanna One member Park Jihoon.

Source: Newsen