“Produce X 101” Reportedly Offered Eliminated Trainees A Position In X1 If They Didn’t Like The Results

They offered them to debut in X1, even though they weren’t voted in.

Amidst the allegations of Mnet rigging the votes for Produce X 101 and the winning group X1, it has been revealed by sources, including a staff member from one of the eliminated X1 trainees from the final episode, that Mnet offered to put eliminated trainees into X1 if they had any objections with the final result.

According to the report, a high ranking official from Mnet contacted the agencies of the 9 trainees eliminated and told them that if any of them were dissatisfied with the final result, they could be placed into V1 as an extra member. In addition, if the eliminated trainees were planning to form their own group, such as BY9, Mnet reportedly offered their support.

Shortly after the meetings though, each agency denied Mnet’s proposal. One staff member from an eliminated trainee’s agency shared their reason why.

If we accept this outcome, we have to acknowledge that vote was rigged, and we are showing that we are okay with this happening, so we rejected it.

— Anonymous Trainee Agency Staff

A different agency’s staff member also shared their thoughts on the situation.

This plan would not only hurt the eliminated trainees, but also all of the trainees that debuted with X1. It’s ruining the reliability of the final episode.

— Anonymous Trainee Agency Staff

Mnet recently released their latest statement, promising that they would partner up with an investigative agency to look into the possibility of rigged votes. They also explained why they decided to meet up with the agencies.

We explained to management agencies that we were asked to conduct an official investigation after there was much consideration for a fair investigation on this issue.

— Mnet