Produce X 101 Trainers Have Been Revealed

These are the talented teachers that will be working with the trainees.

Produce X 101, the latest season of the Produce series, has revealed the 6 talented trainers who are training the contestants of the program.

The vocal trainers will be Lee Seok Hoon and Shin You Mi, the rap trainer Cheetah and dance trainers Bae Yoon Jeong, Kwon Jae Seung and Choi Young Joon.


Singer Lee Seok Hoon, who also appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 as a vocal trainer, fulfilled the role of a successful role model, kind sunbae and talented teacher for the contestants of the previous season. Despite his gentle-looking appearance, he did not hesitate to offer accurate and cold advice when necessary.


Vocal trainer Shin You Me also participated in Season 2 as a vocal trainer where she did her best to help the trainees reach their full potential.


Cheetah participated in all seasons of the Produce series as the rap trainer. Despite her cold stare that often frightens some of the trainees, she has also shown a more cute and caring side as well.


Dance trainer Bae Yoon Jeong has also participated in previous Produce series and is known as the “tiger teacher” due to her harsh critiquing. Despite the harshness of her words, however, she also grows more attached to each trainee and has even shed some tears after seeing them grow.


Choreographer Kwon Jae Seung, who has choreographed for boy groups such as BTS, MONSTA X and BTOB, will also be joining the upcoming season as a dance trainer.


Kwon Jae Seung will be joined by Choi Young Joon, who is known as a choreographer for TWICE, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN and EXO. He appeared on last year’s Produce 48 where he devoted his time and effort to train the contestants.


Produce X 101 is set to begin airing at 11 pm (KST) on May 3 so stay tuned!

Source: Dispatch
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