Produce X 101’s PD Is Under Fire For Making The Trainees Do This

People believe it’s inappropriate for the boys to do this.

Before the new season of Produce begins, it’s normal for Mnet to release various videos of the trainees doing small games.

For the past few seasons, they would have two trainees paired up with each other and have them touch something inside a box without letting them see what’s inside. They’d have to guess what the mystery item was.

This year for Produce X 101, however, Mnet released videos of the trainees pairing up and putting an apple between their foreheads and use their bodies to bring the apple down. The goal was to not drop the apple.

After seeing the videos, many people have called the producers out for making them do something like this. They claim that they are exploiting the boys participating in the program. They also pointed out that some members are minors.

Many say that Mnet is aware of what they’re doing and that this is a tactic to get more people interested, even if it means exploiting the boys.

What do you think of these videos?