Produce X 101’s Premiere Episode Reveals Shocking New Twists And Differences From Previous Seasons

This season of Produce X 101 is set to be more topsy-turvy than ever.

The wildly popular Produce series’ latest installment Produce X 101 has revealed how the debut group will be chosen and it’s different from anything they’ve done before.

Many trainees and fans speculated that the “X” in Produce X 101 stood for the Roman Numeral for “10,” thus indicating 10 debut members. However, the X was a hint for how the debut members would be chosen, not for the number of trainees that would debut.

Screen: “Final debut members: 11”

Host Lee Dongwook revealed that the final number of members was to be 11, as with I.O.I and Wanna One before them. However, instead of picking rankings 1-11, only rankings 1-10 will be considered. The final member will be decided exclusively through voting.

Caption: “11th member won’t be the one in 11th place.”

With rankings not being a factor, the final member doesn’t have to rank high if they are able to garner enough fan votes. This marks the first time in Produce history that a member of the debut team will be chosen 100% by the fans.

Trainees A-D practicing for this season’s “Pick Me”, “X1-MA”


The “level test” has also gotten an “X” upgrade this season. Instead of being ranked from “A-F” as the other seasons, trainees on Produce X 101 are ranked “A-X”, with “X” replacing “F”. Any trainees that received a rank of “X” were unable to train at the 101 Training Center with the rest of the trainees.

Caption: “Trainees who received an X-rank will not be able to enter the 101 Training Center”

There are bound to be many more twists and turns revealed as the season continues. Produce X 101 airs every Friday night at 11PM KST on Mnet.

The first introductory bow to the Nation’s Producers on Produce X 101

Watch Mnet’s highlight clip from the premiere episode below: