“Produce 101” And “Youth With You” Tony Yu’s Parents Firmly Deny Involvement With Prostitution And Drug Distribution

Here’s what went down.

Tony Yu, a famous trainee who appeared in Produce 101 and is currently the top place contender on Youth With You, fell into controversy when a Chinese netizen on Weibo accused his parents of allegedly running a large-scale karaoke that offered prostitution and drug services.

Tony Yu was famous for his sunny disposition and hardworking nature, despite his privileged background. It was later made known that his family lived an affluent lifestyle with luxury cars and homes in both Chengdu and Vancouver. Fans called him a “silver spoon” but admired his innocent and lovely personality. An acquaintance who knew of him since pre-debut commented prior to the controversy, that Tony’s parents did indeed run a karaoke.

The post explained Tony’s family background, claiming that an acquaintance of theirs worked at a flower shop in the holidays where they found out that it was owned by Tony’s mother and her relatives. According to that acquaintance, Tony’s mother also ran a karaoke place that was huge and exclusive where not everyone could enter. Allegedly, only big shots could enter as the karaoke place provided illegal services. They further claimed that a luxury car belonging to Tony’s family was parked on the premises. This post was created on April 4, 2021, before the controversy blew up.

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Netizens have also uncovered photos of Tony Yu’s family lifestyle in Vancouver.

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Netizens realized that the company that Tony Yu’s parents’ painting studio was registered under, also had the karaoke place registered under it. The karaoke room was famous online for prostitution services, with related search words including “Chengdu Jingli Karaoke girls how much” and “Chengdu Jingli Karaoke male model fees”.

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A job advertisement for the place in 2014 also reflects them inviting beautiful girls of over 158cm tall to apply, claiming that more money will be paid to already well-known gorgeous girls.

Since then, his parents have firmly denied involvement, with Tony’s mother stepping up on Weibo. Tony’s mother has declared that their family sold off the shares to their business partner before moving the family to Vancouver, Canada. Although this transfer of shares occurred in 2008, Tony’s mother claims that most of the paperwork was left to 2019 when they returned to China, due to complications.

Tony’s mother stepped up. | Weibo

Netizens have refuted Mrs Yu’s claims, with allegations that there was shady dealings in the karaoke place since 2004.

Tony Yu’s agency, Astro Music, denied Tony’s participation in any illegal activities.

Source: Weibo