YouTube Channel That Interviewed “Produce 48” Go Yujin About The Show’s Rigged System Will Be Suing Malicious Comments By People “From A Certain Fandom”

They will not be forgiving minors either.

Not too long ago, Ripple Company created a video on YouTube that interviewed Produce contestants, Go Yujin from Produce 48 and Lee Insoo from Produce 101. During the interview, the two talked about the mistreatments they received as well as the obvious fact that the shows were rigged. Go Yujin later revealed the threats and hate she was receiving on Instagram.

Ripple Company recently published a notice on their official Facebook page, notifying the public that they plan on suing those that made personal attacks towards the two interviewees.

Regarding personal attacks, there has been fans from a certain fandom that has used negative expressions such as “crazy bastard”, “crazy bitch”, and “f*ckers” to criticize. These have mostly come from Twitter and not YouTube. We were able to verify they were from a certain fandom given that their accounts repeatedly have posts that praise the certain group over time.

— Ripple Company

We have already collected these posts as well as handed them over to our legal team for vetting and we will be dealing with them under the terms of slander, spread of false information and humiliation. We have never accepted settlements and of course, we will not be sparing minors as well. If you plan on deleting the posts now, we have already downloaded them as PDFs and there is no use. We hope you take note that if you attempt to cover up your doings, we will be taking even stricter measures.

— Ripple Company

It looks like things are getting serious. Check out the original video below.

Source: theqoo