Producer of “Boss Mode” addresses 4MINUTE’s plagiarism controversy

The producer for Knife Party’s “Boss Mode” has clarified 4MINUTE’s plagiarism accusation in a recent Twitter update.

Upon the release of 4MINUTE’s latest track, “Crazy,” a Korean blogger made claims that the girl group had plagiarized Knife Party’s “Boss Mode,” which caused fans to become hesitant about the issue.

On February 14th, a user sent a tweet to the producer of the song “Boss Mode,” saying that 4MINUTE had stolen the song.  However, the producer, Rob Swire responded that he did not hear anything similar about the songs. He wrote, “boss mode?? I don’t really hear it :S maybe used as a reference or something.”

Although many still claim that the song is plagiarized despite the producers words, 4MINUTE’s plagiarism conflict had been cleared after the message.

Meanwhile, 4MINUTE is currently promoting their new track as well as their mini-album, titled Crazy.