Sleep Deez, The Producer of BTS Jungkook’s “My Time,” Explains How Working With BTS Is Different From Working With Other Artists

“They’re not just puppets.”

 Sleep Deez, who produced BTS Jungkook‘s solo song “My Time” alongside Pdogg, recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

Jungkook performing “My Time” during the Map of the Soul ON:E concert | luvsbts/Tumblr

During the AMA, a Reddit user asked Sleep Deez how working with BTS differs from working with other artists.

Sleep Deez said that one of the challenges of working with BTS is knowing that he’s writing songs for musicians who are also great writers themselves.

One big difference is when you’re attempting to write material, you’re writing songs for great writers. So you want to be on your A game, you know they’re not just puppets that are going to sing whatever you give them. It’s much more collaborative and I actually enjoy the challenge of giving someone what they want, versus giving them something and making them sing that.

— Sleep Deez

Sleep Deez | @sleepvision/Instagram

Sleep Deez also revealed that musicians who write and produce for BTS have to be aware of the differences between each member’s musical styles and tastes.

You’re also pitching material where each artist in the group are so different from one another. You can’t just copy and paste melody ideas. If you’re coming up with a part for V, that’s going to be different than coming up with a melodic idea for Jungkook, Jimin, or Jin.

— Sleep Deez

Clearly, Sleep Deez puts a lot of thought into his work with BTS!

| BTS/Weverse

During his AMA, Sleep Deez also stated that hearing Jungkook’s vocals on “My Time” for the first time was his favorite part of the producing process and that the song “felt like the beginning of a brand new swag and confidence” for Jungkook.


Source: Image (1) and (2) and Reddit