Producer Allegedly Calls Steve Aoki’s Collaboration With BTS “Trash”, Aoki Responds

Steve Aoki responds to Producer Marz’s controversial Instagram Live statements.

Steve Aoki has fired back at Producer Marz by defending his collaboration with global superstars, BTS.

Aoki and BTS released their MIC Drop remix on November 24th, 2017.


Since its release, the “MIC Drop Remix” music video has gained over 170 million views!


Producer Marz (Paul Thompson) has worked with SM Entertainment artists, including EXO. During his Instagram Live session, Marz fired verbal shots at BTS and their dedicated fans.

“I can’t deal with little kids. Like 12-year-olds telling me how the music industry works. That’s hilarious to me.” — Producer Marz


Marz allegedly called Steve Aoki’s and BTS’s Mic Drop collaboration “trash”. His comments inspired backlash from A.R.M.Y, and from Steve Aoki himself.


A.R.M.Y has replied to Aoki’s Tweet with solidarity, praising his positivity.


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