“Producer” causes IU’s popularity to soar in China

With the immense popularity of KBS2 drama Producer in the country, one of its main cast members IU has been experiencing a surge in popularity in China. 

Impressed by her acting in her role as top singer Cindy in the weekend drama, IU has reportedly received multiple offers for upcoming Chinese projects, but she has not made any plans yet to schedule any official activities in the country.

The singer did, however, visit Guangzhou recently to promote cosmetic brand Qdsuh, which she endorses. Netizens chimed in on her surging popularity in China, voicing their admiration and love for the singer and her character in Producer.

[+1,489, -225] Looks like an IU fever has started in China. At first, she got so much flack for not matching her character but now her acting has gotten better to the point that I get confused between IU and Cindy.

[+939, -90] Finale is this week. I’m hoping she gets a happy conclusion.

[+767, -134] IU is pretty!!

[+152, -36] Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin have always been popular, but this drama did wonders for IU.

Source: Donga